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There are lots of benefits to being a part of DSM Craftmakers Collaborative!  We handle the majority of the business aspects of selling your crafts and artwork so you can spend more time creating new and exciting pieces.

We offer three ways to be a part of the group: 




Benefits include:
  • Access to private FB group to meet other local craftmakers, share ideas and post events
  • Access to list of local vendor fairs
  • Access to in-person Group Workshops (fees may apply)
  • Access to Business Tips Videos
  • Access to Business Templates
  • Once a month feature on DSM Craftmakers social media accounts
Affiliate benefits, plus:
  • Profile page on DSM Craftmakers website
  • Your products listed for sale on website
  • Monthly payouts of your sales, minus commission & fees*
  • Sales tax collected and filed on your behalf
  • Frequent social media coverage on DSM Craftmakers accounts
  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 business consulting
  • Access to participate in vendor fairs at shared rates
  • Access to rental of vendor fair equipment
Member benefits, plus:
  • Storage of your products
  • Packaging and shipping of your products
  • Access to shared space at Mix Creative Community

$25/mo or $250 for annual commitment

$65/mo or $750 for annual commitment


*Commission rate of 15% of after sales tax gross sales. Fees refer to credit card, Venmo or Paypal fees.

Purchase one of the different options at the links above, or shoot us an email if you have more questions.

Still not quite sure about the benefits of joining DSM Craftmakers Collaborative?  Consider what it would cost to set up your craft business on your own:

Costs on Your Own

DSM Craftmakers  Member

Annual website and domain fees $500 - $1500 +
Hours of your time
Business consulting with accountant $500 - $1000 1 hour included + templates/videos
Cost of vendor fairs $1000 - $3000 50%+ off
Cost of vendor fair equipment $500 - $1000 Nominal rental fees
In-person Group Workshops $100 - $300 Free or nominal fee
Private FB group to meet other local craftmakers, share ideas and post events N/A Included
Profile page on DSM Craftmakers website N/A Included
Products added to website Hours of your time Included*
List of local vendor fairs Hours of your time Included
Filing sales tax returns Hours of your time Included
Social media coverage Hours of your time Included
Commissions on sales 40%
(typical of galleries)


$2,600 - $6,800 + Hours of your time

$750/year + Reduced Vendor Fair Costs

They choose joy, and bright colors, and this moment most of all.